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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the lawsuit wants a forensic examination of electronic voting machines used in pennsylvania. it claims we won't really know who voters voted for without the court intervening. >> reporter: filed in federal court in philadelphia, the lawsuit claims pennsylvania's election system is a national disgrace. it calls voting machines in the state, quote, vulnerable, hackable, dangerous. but the argument by attorneys representing green party candidate jill stein and a pennsylvania voter isn't that hacking did happen on voting machines in this state. rather, that it could. >> we as citizens have a right to know, are those machines hacked or not. so let's get inside them. it's easy. >> reporter: we reached out to the pennsylvania department of state. but they aren't commenting on the litigation. >> this is about ensuring that all votes get counted. >> reporter: today jill stein appeared with supporters outside trump tower where transition planning is under way for the president-elect. he's called her recount effort a
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scam to raise money. >> we urge donald trump to look at the facts, not to make up the facts. >> reporter: stein says money raising is going into a separate account. her effort already led to a recount in philadelphia, where officials announced the tally today. it resulted in five extra votes for hillary clinton, who lost the state by more than 46,000. stein argues the effort isn't about changing the result of the election. >> whether it will change the outcome, we don't know. and i think it would be unfair to raise expectations that they outcome is going to change. >> i reached out to the pennsylvania gop and a spokesperson told me, quote, we are actively engaged in the election contest lawsuit and look forward to the administrativedismissal of these absurd claims. again, the lawsuit offers no evidence that hacking happened here. >> lauren mayk, thank you.
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president-elect donald trump and his transition team had a busy monday at trump tower. he tweeted this morning, "if the press would cover me accurately and honorably, i would have far less reason to tweet. sadly, i don't know if that will ever happen," he said. this morning the trump team nominated ben carson as housing and urban development chief. the retired neurosurgeon is mr. trump's first african-american pick for a cabinet level post. the president-elect said carson has a, quote, brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities. carson previously said he wouldn't accept a cabinet position because he didn't have enough experience. democrats also criticized his lack of experience today. former vice president al gore visited trump tower this morning to meet with the president-elect. the former vp is a leading advocate of the idea that humans are causing climate change. mr. trump during the campaign called man made climate change a
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hoax. mr. gore said the meeting was, quote, extremely interesting." on "nbc nightly news," lester holt will go into what the meetings mean for the trump transition team. we'll see snow in the delaware valley tomorrow. we'll need our umbrellas. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will look at weather that will vary depending on where you live, of course. >> jim, the poconos got snow this morning, i think perhaps they'll get more snow tomorrow than they got today. we have fairly clear skies here after an early wet start in philadelphia. most of the area just had rain. it's 48 degrees in philadelphia now. 42 in allentown. there was a little bit of snow there. temperatures stayed above freezing, so it just melted. we're down to 37 degrees in vineland, 38 in mount holly, so a chilly night. the skies are clear now. here comes the moisture coming up from the south. there's a good bit of it, as you can see. and it is going to be moving in during the day tomorrow, not during the morning rush, though.
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it will be cloudy by noontime. the rain will be in much of delaware and parts of cape may county. but it's going to take until at least early afternoon to get across much of the rest of the area. and by the afternoon rush tomorrow, it's raining everywhere except for the poconos which could be getting some decent snowflakes going right during that period of time. and then more rain during the night tonight, even the poconos may go back over to rain once they get that in the evening hours. you can see this rain coming in generally during the afternoon hours tomorrow. more on that specific timing and the arctic blast coming a little bit later. a ruling today could mean big trouble for bill cosby's defense team as cosby prepares for his trial on sexual assault charges. a montgomery county judge will now allow the jury in cosby's criminal case to hear testimony from a 2005 deposition. in it, cosby admitted to giving
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andrea constand drugs. cosby said he only gave that testimony in the deposition because he was granted immunity by the district attorney at that time. the judge says there was no legal agreement of immunity. nbc 10 reached out to cosby's defense team but so far no one has commented. new at 6:00, new details about the plan to redevelop jewellers' row in philadelphia. our colleagues at the "philly business journal" reported they plan to double the size of a planned residential tower there. several buildings will be knocked down to build the tower. there's been controversy in the neighborhood over building the condos. in october, philadelphia's mayor said the permits are in place and the city would be sued if it tried to step in to stop the construction. the deal is expected to be reached early next year. toll brothers says it hopes to
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complete the building by 2019. the search is on tonight for a pair of very aggressive robbers in delaware county. they terrorized a laundromat worker during a heist in upper darby, all caught on video. in some 10's erin coleman joins us with the images on video that could help solve the case. >> a worker was ambushed, a gun put to her head. investigators want to find the two masked thieves who burst into the laundromat in upper darby around 4 h:00 this mornin. police are offering a cash reward for information that helps lead to the conviction of the suspects. police think one thief is a woman who spills the trays of quarters and struggles to them pick them back up. >> two what i call urban ski masks up, some type of
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camouflage. one is armed with a gun. we can clearly see the gun. >> the thieves got away with about 600 in cash and quarters. police say one of them removed the gloves, giving them good evidence to work with, and hopefully left fingerprints behind. the clerk, police say, is scared but grateful she wasn't hurt. >> erin coleman, thank you. a montgomery county school will be open tomorrow. school leaders cancelled classes today after an anonymous post on instagram referenced the sandy hook massacre. a letter was sent to parents saying the person responsible for that post has been identified. state police say it was all a misunderstanding and there is no credible threat. new at 6:00, a delaware county man is one of the first people charged under pennsylvania's new human trafficking law. matthew sipps is accused of a sex act, knowing the victim was held against their will. nbc 10's denise nakano will have
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more tonight at 11:00. nine people in philadelphia have died of heroin overdoses since friday. six of those deaths happened yesterday alone. the victims found just blocks from one another in the kensington area. police are still waiting for the medical examiner to rule on the official causes of death on this weekend's victims. police caught a break solving a mystery hit and run at the jersey shore. they went to a car expert to get advice. that expert ended up spotting the hit and run car. nbc 10 jersey bureau reporter ted greenberg has more. >> reporter: alan picker's deep knowledge of cars has helped ocean county investigators solve hit and run crashes before, based on debris left behind. but this time he took it a stunning step further. >> i go, it can't be, it's got to be a coincidence. >> reporter: the day after he identified the type of car involved in a deadly hit and run november 22nd at tom's river, authorities say picker spotted
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the same damaged vehicle. >> i was the bumper was broken. >> reporter: picker was driving to thanksgiving dinner when he passed the blue nissan altima being loaded onto a tow truck along the garden state parkway after it broke down. he immediately called police. authorities had been searching for the nissan since they say it struck and killed 34-year-old john icarius on i-70. >> simply miraculous. overwhelmingly unbelievable. >> reporter: authorities tracked the car to a house in neptune and ultimately determined it had been driven by 73-year-old maxine pickard of berkeley township. she turned herself in this friday on charges of knowingly leaving the scene of the accident. >> he's ocean county's person who goes up and beyond the call.
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>> reporter: maxine pickard is free on bail. no one answered the door at her house today. >> it's a shame, but people do that. it happens too often. it's just sad. >> reporter: picker offers his assistance free of charge. he is a humble guy and gives credit to investigators whose good detective work also played a role in solving the case. in tom's river, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. this weekend, the wilmington fire department will bury the third member of the department in as many months. the funeral for artie hope is this saturday at the chase center. she was a 23-year veteran. she died last week from her injuries. christopher leach and jerry fikus were also killed in the fire. hope planned to retire in january. a resident living in the home has been charged with setting that fire. republican lawmakers in new jersey want to outlaw abortions after the fifth month of pregnancy, that bill introduced today would ban abortions after
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20 weeks. there would be exceptions in case of inincest, rape, or if t mother's life is at risk. the bill would need approval from the democratic-led legislature. roanoke university transformed an old bank building into a space for classrooms and student lounges with the help of a $17 million state grant. next at 6:00, it's the talk of the town. an adult toy shop next to santa's house. plus cutting for a cause. students in south jersey showing their commitment to helping others. glenn? and i'm tracking arctic air that's on the way. plus the timing of this rain that's coming up for tomorrow.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. cutting their hair for a cause at a south jersey school this afternoon. an eighth grader at dwight d. eisenhower middle school set his sights to grow his hair last year. he inspired his science teacher to do the same. today both of them along with other students had their long locks cut off during a special assembly. >> it's mostly a great feeling because of all the people
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surrounding you, applauding you on what you did, which was a simple act. >> the donated hair will be used to make wigs for patients battling cancer. look at this. on one side of the parking lot, the dragon's lair, an adult toy store. on the other side, santa's village. nbc 10's delaware bureau reporter tim furlong shows us the store's owner says she's just trying to get everyone in the holiday spirit. >> ho, ho, ho, merry christmas! >> reporter: there hadn't been a local santa claus for families to meet here in delaware. >> i'm just a mom and a grand mom that likes kids. i wanted these kids to have a santa locally. >> reporter: jennifer brought in her santa friend and let him set up his cute house in her parking lot. her business, it's an adult toy shop. >> come see santa. that's what it's all about. i'm not saying come into the
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shop. i'm not advertising it and saying, oh, and here is the bait line, we also have santa. >> reporter: santa's house is 50 feet away from the adult store and there's nothing on the outside of the building to let kids know what kind of stuff is being sold inside. the owner says most families don't even make the connection and those that do, certainly don't bring the kids inside to shop. >> it's not a big deal to the children. >> reporter: santa says the kids don't see a problem. they meet the big man and get a kid's toy. jennifer says she's owned the dragon's lair for 25 years and she says having santa here, she thought the kids would enjoy it. >> block out the fact that i'm a sex shop and realize i'm a person that cares about little people and i want them to be able to see santa. >> reporter: tim furlong. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: nbc 10 news. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather.
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well, we're going to be seeing some more of this stuff, some snow. this is in the poconos, camelback. and they're probably going to get even more tomorrow, late afternoon and night, than what they got this morning. perhaps a few inches. but the rest of us are going to be like where we were this morning, too warm for snow. rain and temperatures are in the 40s, except for parts of interior south jersey which dropped into the 30s with the clear skies. it's 42 in newark, delaware. 41 in greenville and claymont. 46 in reedy point. 42 in georgetown. 41 in millsboro. these temperatures dropping into the 30s. just because of the clear skies. but as the clouds come in later on tonight, temperatures may actually go up a bit. and they certainly will go up tomorrow as this rain moves in. it's a lot of warm air down here along with the rain. and coming up from that direction, we're pretty sure
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that that's what's going to happen. it's also not going to be happening during the night tonight or for the morning rush tomorrow. you're fine. temperatures near the freezing mark. a little cooler to the north and warmer to the south. by lunchtime, we've got some rain moving into delaware. and in extreme south jersey. and by early afternoon, maybe throughout the area, and certainly for the afternoon rush, it looks like widespread rain, mostly on the light to moderate side. that area of snow in the poconos, the darker colors there, indicate it could be a little bit on the moderate to heavy side for a little while. but then the temperatures even there start to go up above freezing. and we get some of the heaviest rain tomorrow evening. not so much during the afternoon. and we continue with the threat of rain at night. and we don't really start drying out until wednesday morning and clearing out wednesday afternoon. then we start looking for the
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arctic air to the west. let's go through the night tonight in our various neighborhoods and watch what happens here. as we go into the morning, nobody is showing any kind of rain. a.m. rush is dry everywhere. but as we go to early afternoon, wilmington is getting some rain there. and atlantic city. this is why we do neighborhood forecasts. it comes to different neighborhoods at different times. then heavier rain like the three-drop thing here in atlantic city, reading and trenton at the afternoon rush. but later rain in allentown and quakertown. again, that's what it's all about. the arctic air starts coming into the country today, comes all the way over into our area on friday. now, watch what happens on thursday. the temperatures start dropping. and in the lehigh valley we could see a mix of snow and rain by thursday.
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and for the weekend, it's cold. some snow flurries and p.a. suburbs and lehigh valley, that's a high of only 34. and we don't really warm up a whole lot through the rest of the weekend either. i'm john clark. what has the eagles' owner told doug pederson about the state of the eagles? we'll hear from the coach.
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hey, i'm john clark from
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csn. eagles coach doug pederson changed his tune from yesterday. after the loss, he said his eagles gave full effort in cincinnati. today he said not everybody gave their best effort. it was the eagles' worst performance of the season, dominated by the bengals. doug pederson says yes, he has been given assurances he will coach the team next year. >> for sure. yeah. it's been 100% support on everything. and, you know, i meet with jeffrey and howie every week, and we discuss a lot of things and go over a lot of things. every week it's very positive. and, you know, i just don't think personally you can base a season on a couple of -- on one season, you can base a guy's career on one season. you have to give it time to
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develop. >> the eagles expect jordan matthews and ryan matthews back sunday against the redskins. beckham should also be ready to go. the flyers announced matt reed will be out a month after last night when he pulled a muscle. steve mason was named the first star of the week in the nhl and the flyers have won five in a row. sixers center will play at home tonight. the six verse a back to back. he would like to play in front of sixers fans and rest on the road to memphis tomorrow. >> we got denver at home. i know there are fans who want to see the teams. that was a factor. >> philly is a pro sports town but it's the college teams that
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are most successful right now. penn state won football and villanova is the number one college basketball team in the country again, number one in ap and coaches' polls. they were number one last season. they're rolling at 8-0. now let's take you to the chilean fourth division soccer league. clears the ball upfield, kicks it right out of the air from across midfield. 65 yard volley right there. somebody could head it in from that distance, that would be even more impressive. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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we've got some rain moving in tomorrow but not for the morning rush, for the afternoon rush. we're dry wednesday. the arctic blast comes in friday. we've got wind on top of that cold. it's going to be a very cold weekend. then things moderate a little bit next week. so it's not going to stay freezing cold for all ten days. >> and a dry morning rush.
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>> yes. i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for watching. "nightly news" is up next. see you next at 11:00. exclusive. at the scene of a growing tragedy here in oakland. the first in-depth interview with the man who ran the warehouse, where dozens died in an inferno. hung injury. breaking news in the trial of a police officer seen on video fatally shooting an unarmed motorist in the back. dangerous hoax. inside the fake internet news story that led a gunman to open fire at a pizza shot. how a wild conspiracy theory spread, with help even from president-elect trump's national security adviser. a better night's sleep. news for millions plagued by tossing and turning. what people are doing at home to catch more zs without trips to the doctor. and a hero's welcome for a pearl harbor survivor, now 104, returning to honohe


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